Independence Gate of Korea


The Independence Gate in Seoul was built in 1897 by Korean people to commemorate Korea's independence from China.


After the Japan-Qing War (1894-1895), the Kingdom of Joseon (Korea) gained freedom from the Tributary System of China as the result of the Treaty of Shimonoseki and changed the country name to the Empire of Great Korea in October 1897. Construction of the Independent Gate started before the proclamation and the gate was built in November 1897.

There was the Yeongeunmun (Welcoming Gate for the Grace) at the place of the Independence Gate. The Yeongeunmum was a symbol of the relation between Qing (China) and Joseon. The King of Joseon welcomed emissaries of the Emperor of Qing by Kowtow, which is an act of kneel to show reverence. The King needed to kneel three times and bow nine times in the ceremony.

Why this fact affects the rightward trend?

This fact supports that Korea was not an independent country for such a long time as left wing people insist. Right wing people deepen their understanding that the Japan-Qing War resulted in the celebration of Korea's independence from China.